Trusted Service

Lyon Aviation is an industry leader in every facet of our operation, and service is no exception.

Lyon Aviation’s Avionics department is here for all your Avionics Service and Installation needs. Based at Pittsfield municipal airport in Pittsfield MA, we service all type of airframes from a Piper Cub to a Gulfstream GV, and we are equipped to handle all your avionics needs.

We invite you to contact us and consider using Lyon as your service partner.

Positive Safety Culture begins with active engagement from the CEO to the newest hire.  Safety is not a ‘bolt-on’ accessory or certificate of achievement, yet a compilation of our ingrained everyday practices regardless of who is watching.”  -Todd Buczek, Director of Safety

FAA Certification


• Radio Class 1,2,3
• Limited Airframe
• Limited Instrument
• Limited Accessories

FAA Operations Specifications (PDF)