COVID-19 Response

Around the world, new precautions are being put into place in response to COVID-19. The team at Lyon Aviation is being proactive to help minimize the threat and ensure your safety.
The crew on each plane is taking all precautionary measures to disinfect the aircraft after each passenger flight leg. Wiping down and sanitizing the entire cabin. Additionally, the crews are wiping down the cockpit at the end of each day. The crew required to perform a checklist to ensure the cabin is properly disinfected. Each aircraft is equipped with masks, disinfectant wipes, nitrile gloves, Tyvek suits, and anti-bacterial soap.
We have created a Health Declaration Form that we request all brokers to fill out pre-flight to ensure the safety of you and our crew. The form was created to confirm that the clients flying with us have not traveled to high-risk territories determined by the CDC and WHO. The form also states that if a passenger arrives to the flight visibly ill, it is at the discretion of the pilots to decide whether or not they will allow boarding.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Many operators boast of their focus on safety.  What makes Lyon Aviation unique is proof of our commitment.
Lyon Aviation is an industry leader in every facet of our operation, and safety is no exception.  Our service embodies a strong safety culture with participation from every employee.  We incorporate a comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS), which is maintained by our dedicated Safety Department.  A team of professionals makes up our Safety Department, who remain both vigilant and innovative in their efforts to ensure the highest level of safety and security in our operation.
Lyon Aviation continuously demonstrates our commitment to safety by maintaining ARGUS Gold, Wyvern Wingman, and IS-BAO II certification. Additionally, we are proud to be one of the first active participants of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Safety Management (SMS) Voluntary Program (VP).  Our continued effort to exceed the expectations of accreditation standards and regulations is a testament to our pledge to ensure the safety of our customers and colleagues.
We invite you to click on the logos below to view these standards and verify our certification.

Lyon Aviation has been certified by and received approval recommendations from the airline industry’s leading independent evaluators:

Aviation Research Group
Wyvern Consulting